Q: Can I come and have a look at the lesson?
A: Yes. You can come to any lesson. You can also come to a free introduction lesson just to try it out.

Q: Do I need any special dancing shoes?
A: Certainly not for the first lesson. Later on we recommend getting the 'training shoes' e.g. from Babora or Kozdra. They cost around 1500Kc. You can come in any comfortable pair of shoes, without too long points or in softer trainers. The outsole shouldn't be rubber, it needs to slide and it shouldn't leave black marks on the floor.

Q: What to wear?
A: Whatever is comfortable for you. It shouldn't block your movements.

Q: Do I need to have done any basic dance techniques?
A: No. Anyone can dance tango. Some experience of working with your body is an advantage, but the tango principles are so different from other dances, you'll probably have to start from scratch anyway.

Q: Is there an age limit?
A: We'll teach adults of any age.

Q: How can I register?
A: Register by telephone: +420 776 161 834. Maximum number of couples in the course depends on the course - usually between 6 and 8. Click here for the schedule. Anyone can come to the free introduction lesson or practice without registration.

Q: Can I register without a dance partner?
A: Yes. Tango is a social dance. We encourage the partners to swap regularly during the lessons, so important is only the balance between genders. If there are more participants of one gender then the assistants will help out.