Practilonga "U Kostlivce"

A practilonga is a public tango training. Comparing to milonga, a practilonga serves primarily for exersizing of tango technique, so it is less formal, you do not have to follow the codigo rules strictly or keep the ronda. The dancing music is served without tandas. It is the balanced mix of all possible styles of tango music (tango, vals, milonga, nuevo). For more fun the organizers prepare the Topic of the day: simple tasks according to the basic principles of tango argentino, which could introduce the trend and allow to complare your scills with other practilonga dancers.

The practilonga takes place every Wednesday from 8PM to 9:30PM in the premises of DanceLab studio. Apart from the 60 m2 hall with the perfect dancing floor you will find there the cloakroom, relaxation tea-room, WC and bathroom. You could get there the non-alcoholic drinks, (water, tea, coffee) and wine as per season's offer.

The practilonga "U Kostlivce"/"Near the Sceleton" we have the real sceleton - some times it is worth to take a look what is inside us.

The entry fee is 150,- Kc.

We would be glad to welcome you there!