All the tango technique is purely about teaching you how to move comfortably together with your partner. There is no universal standard here. People with different physiology will move differently, and that is normal. It is a folk dance. 99% of problems appear not because we cannot walk or pass the weight from leg to leg (sounds funny, doesn't it?). It is because people have psychological barriers. Entrusting someone else with your body can cause fear, the fear causes stiffness etc. That is why working with an experienced partner helps overcoming the subconscious fear and helps to relax to enable free movement.

That is why we recommend individual lessons, which allow to dedicate all attention to a pupil and make the learning much more effective. Nevertheless we do group lessons too, they allow to work with space, mutual movement and communication between couples. The schedule of group lessons is here.

It is important to do exercises at home. As the natural movement always comes from your body, not from your head and so it is a good idea to practice regularly. Some correctly chosen exercises will speed up the process of learning significantly. At the same time the selection of exercises is very individual. You can meet naturally gifted people, women in particular, who do not need any exercises.

The teaching therefore has three main objectives:
1. To get rid off subconscious fear.
2. To learn how to listen using your body.
3. To teach your body how to react correctly.
And the success is yours!

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