In order to obtain the freedom of moving as a couple you have to sacrifice your personal freedom. A whole layer of psychological problems lies behind this simple sentence, and dancers who search for the true tango must face them.

The vulgar understanding of communication in a couple is based on a the statement that the leader (usually a man) can do what he wants and the role of his partner is to follow.

In true tango a man is totally unfree. He can do only what his partner is prepared for. He should be able to hear her and can not do even a step without the confidence that she understands his intention and can follow him. Man is limited by music, which defines his movement. Man is limited by space on the dance floor and by behaviour of other couples.

Woman is in a relatively better position.She can dance even with her eyes closed, but she also has no personal freedom, because she listens to her partner constantly and acts according to the information she gets from him.

When these two come to the dance floor voluntarily, prepared to give up their personal freedom and trusting each other, then a little miracle happens. A couple appears, completely free in their movement and capability of expressing the music. At that moment the genuine tango begins.