A word can be heard in silence. The shouting one hears badly. In conversation we normally speak and listen. Similarly tango is based on communication, it is a conversation, so both in a couple have to hear their partner and to give a comprehensible answers.

A leader has to lead clearly, but also to listen to the follower's reaction and adjust their own movement according to their partner's interpretation of his leading. A follower has to listen carefully, but also to give clear answers to the leader. Because every step in tango depends on the mutual understanding of the previous one. Good tangeros hear the partner uninterruptedly and do not fall out of this state even for a second. They can perform strong, energetic movements whilst at the same time listening tenderly to their partner.

A description of how to do it would take several pages and still will be good for nothing. The practical training of body to body required to master this technique takes several hours. I met people who never danced tango before and managed to seize this sort of technique in a quarter of an hour.

The ones who possess this technique can reach the state of mind "one body, four legs" during dancing. It is not clear then who is the leader and who is the follower, where my body ends and where my partner's begins. Then they both start to create the dance as one entity, the couple. In such a state the level of endorphins in blood raises significantly. Do you want to try?