Tango Club

The Tango Club is a way of learning tango, when students assist each other in presence of a teacher.

We are aimed on communicational aspects of tango, which require individual approach. Individual lessons with a teacher are the most efficient but cost a lot. Moreover, the teacher has his time limits. The club environment allows students to study or work over material with other students effectively without paying the private lessons.

The goal of the Club is to create the comfortable workspace and atmosphere of mutual help. In order to learn how to listen to your partner, understand him and take care of him, we need to practice with different dancers of different levels. That is why everyone who shares the same endeavors is welcomed in Tango club.

There are some topics we work on in Tango club:

  • how to learn the listening to a partner
  • how to develop the mutual stability in a couple
  • how to reach the natural relaxed movement
  • what are the adequate reactions to a partner